Breath of Fire II, in Japan Breath of Fire II: Shimei no Ko (Breath of Fire II: The Fated Child?) Is a Japanese game developed and distributed by Capcom in 1994 , Licensed by the Laguna for European distribution in 1996. According to the title of the Breath of Fire series, then converted for Game Boy Advance and globally distributed, the release on the Wii Virtual Console received an evaluation from the ESRB and was erroneously attributed to it 'Released on July 27, 2007, though it was distributed online two weeks later, August 10, 2007 in Japan, and August 27, 2007.

Breath of Fire II is followed directly by Breath of Fire, set 500 years after the events of the first title, and focuses on the story of the orphan Ryu Bateson, whose family has disappeared mysteriously long ago and after a false accusation Give a friend, start their own adventure.


Breath of Fire II is a classic two-dimensional JRPG with ambient and two-dimensional characters, with top view, four directions of movement, interaction with secondary characters, and casual combat.

The game menu has been redesigned and is now completely text-based instead of icons such as Breath of Fire, as well as the new "Monster Meter" with whom you are aware of the chance of casual encounter with an enemy. During the adventure you will encounter more and more powerful monsters and new characters with new abilities, interchangeable with each other - except in some areas - but only present in three during the fights - excluding the protagonist. Each character has a special technique out of random battles, with which to destroy obstacles. Breath of Fire II allows the player to build a customized camp, which can be assembled with various accessories and constructions that can be inhabited by their characters. Each character can live in different style constructions based on which of the three available architects he uses and there are six Bonus characters, the "Shaman", fickle with their characters to give them new skills during combat. Combat in Breath of Fire II is shifts, acting first is the fastest character, you can apply different combat formations to assure various bonuses to characters placed in special positions, winning battles you get money, items and rarely equipment. By acquiring experience it gets higher level and the character concerned can learn a technique. Each character has hit points and if reduced to zero the game ends. The inside cartridge cartridge acts as a rescue memory.



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