Breath of Fire is a role-playing game from Capcom for the SNES in the Breath of Fire series. It was later ported to the Game Boy Advance.


Breath of Fire is a traditional 2D role-playing game, with isometric perspective during casual battles. The player explores numerous environments with interactive characters and objects and faces numerous enemies in the form of casual encounters. Ryu and all other characters encountered during the adventure have unique talents. Fighting characters in a battle are up to four, but can be changed whenever you want, and some of their abilities also affect the explorable world. The game menu is simplified with a system that is easy to navigate, but initially crafty. By advancing into the game, you get or buy objects of greater value or power. Meetings are random and happen mostly in closed and dangerous places, or in the map of the world. Characters have energy indicated by numbers, but enemies have a colored bar that changes color and length based on the energy remaining. Bosses can also fight after they have lost all their energy - the continuation of a bar too long to enter the screen - and they can be damaged, like any other enemy, even by magic and special techniques that require skill points. The defeated enemies give experience to the characters with which they automatically rise to level and learn new techniques, reaching the required amount. The game saves progress in the rom's cartridge itself.



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