Brain Age Express: Math is a DSiWare video game released initially in 2008 in Japan, and later in April of 2009 in America and June 2009 in the PAL regions. The game is a miniature version of the Brain Age titles and focus exclusively on math related problems. Among some of the previous modes featured in the other games are new ones such as Sum Totaled and By the Numbers. Dr. Kawashima is back once again as the mascot and instructor in the game. In the end of each day, he'll explain to you what your brain age is, as was the case in the original Nintendo DS video games. Your goal is to receive a brain age as 20. The worst possible age you can get is an 80. Unfortunately, the game only has one save slot opposed to 3 in the retail version. It comes with the Nintendo DSi XL along with Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters and Photo Clock.

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