Brøderbund Software (1980 - 1999) was an American video game developer and publisher. Founded in Eugene, Oregon, Brøderbund Software would eventually move to San Rafael, California and finally Novato, California before shutting down. The company was known for releasing several high-quality games on the PC including Carmen Sandiego, Prince of Persia and Myst, all of which would eventually have series installments on a Nintendo system.

Games released by Brøderbund

Nintendo Entertainment System

The Battle of Olympus (NES) (NA) The Battle of Olympus
December 1989
Deadly Towers (NA) Deadly Towers
September 1987
Dusty Diamonds All-Star Softball (NA) Dusty Diamond's All-Star Softball
July 1990
The Guardian Legend (NA) The Guardian Legend
April 1989
Legacy of the Wizard (NA) Legacy of the Wizard
April 1989
Lode Runner (NA) Lode Runner
September 1987
Shufflepuck Cafe (JP) Shufflepuck Cafe
October 1990

Game Boy

Hyper Lode Runner (NA) Hyper Lode Runner
February 1990
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