Bowyer (JP) is one of Smithy's lieutenants in the game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Bowyer resembles a bow, and attacks by firing his minions (called Aeroes) at his opponents. His name comes from "bowyer", a person who makes or sells bows to be used for archery.

Bowyer was ordered by Smithy to attack Rose Town. As such, Bowyer, while at the Forest Maze, begins firing poison-tipped arrows at Rose Town. When a person is hit with an arrow, they will become paralyzed and remain frozen like statues. His Aero minions found the second Star Piece in the forest.

When Bowyer gets the Star Piece, he is confronted by a strange, blue garbed warrior named Geno. At the same time, Mario and Mallow arrive to stop Bowyer, the source of the arrows plaguing Rose Town. As a result, the three warriors team up to battle the maniacal monster.

While Bowyer's main attack is firing arrows, the monster is also a master of lightning magic. Additionally, Bowyer can disable the buttons on the player's controllers, meaning that Mario and his allies will be prevented from using regular attacks, special attacks, or items until another button is disabled. Ultimately, Mario, Mallow, and Geno defeat him and recover the second Star Piece.

Later, Mario, Mallow, Geno, Bowser, and Princess Toadstool encountered several mass-produced Bowyer copies in Smithy's Factory.

Bowyer can be seen in the parade during the end credits, along with Mack and Yaridovich, in which all three are pounded by Smithy's hammer.

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  • Bowyer uses anastrophe when he speaks, meaning he reverses the proper order of sentences when talking to others, similar to Yoda from Star Wars. He also has a strange habit of saying "Nya!", which is the Japanese word for "meow".
  • In Bowyer's artwork, his eyes are red, but his in-game sprites have blue eyes; his Machine Made counterpart has red eyes, as do the Aeroes.
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