Bowser Nightmare is the final board in Mario Party 5. It is the largest stage in the game. The stage is based on Bowser's dreams. It is unlocked by completing Mario Party 5's story mode.

Board Elements

The board is based on Bowser's castle flooded with lava. There are numerous ? Spaces that trigger nasty effects.

Happening Spaces

There are several spaces that can cause events on this board. The ? Space in the lower left and right sides cause Bowser to make a stroll on the opposite side. on his walk, he turns all blue spaces into red spaces and crushes other players in his path that causes them to lose 10 Coins. This lasts for two turns at minimum.

The ? Space at the top of the board causes Bowser to activate the flamethrower cannon. Players near the flamethrower are burned and lose their Capsules.

The ? Spaces in the top left and right of the board cause Bowser to come in his Koopa Clown Car that forces the player to choose a block to hit. One takes half the player's coins while the other sends the player back to start.

The ? Spaces near the center of the board cause the players to land in a small circle of red spaces (with the possibility of Bowser Spaces) which Bowser calls the "Spin Stage". Players will be trapped losing Coins or triggering Bowser unless they land on one of the ? Spaces in that ring.

Story Mode

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