Bowser Memory L is a support foe for the boss Bowser Memory M in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. He is based off Luigi, but his appearance is blockier, and his eyes are black squares with white pupils.


Bowser Memory L has two attacks, but his attacks reference how Luigi can be clumsy and a bit of a coward. For his first attack, Bowser Memory L plays tag with the Bowser Memory Boo. Bowser Memory L will lure the boo into his target and jump over them to confuse them. The Boo must be jumped and will die if it is stomped on, which ends the attack. Bowser Memory L's second attack involves him charging with a hammer, but he trips. The falling hammer must be hammered away. The direction Bowser Memory L walks towards before he throws his hammer provides a clue to his target's identity: northwest for Mario, west for Luigi.

Bowser Memory L will also heal Bowser Memory M 40 hit points with blocky Mushrooms. Attacking him twice causes him to flee if Bowser Memory M is still conscious.


Bowser Memory L has 845 hit points (1,268 if you have a Challenge Medal), 62 attack (155 with Challenge Medal), 60 defense (90 with Challenge Medal), and 31 speed (47 with Challenge Medal). Upon their defeat, both entities will drop a Star Candy and a Max Syrup Jar.

Names in Other Languages

  • Japanese: Kuppa Memorī L (Koopa Memory L. Kuppa literally means Koopa and is King Bowser's Japanese name.)
  • Spanish: Bowsermemo L (Bowsermemo is a second declension noun coming from the Latin Memória and Bowser's English name.)
  • French: Bowser_ROM/M (ROM means "read only memory".)
  • Italian: Memória M Kupe (Bowser's Memory M&L.)
  • Latin: Memoriae Ludovīcō Kūpae (Ludovīcus is Luigi's Latin name and Kūpās is Bowser's Latin name, derived from his Japanese name Kuppa.)
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