Bowser Land was second unlockable board that appears in Mario Party 2 where Toad are forced begin host of this board map by Bowser this time. It is also the only board where the characters dress in their regular outfits.


It is an amusement park that was built in botton from Koopa Kingdom which is complete with roller coaster, Blooper carrousel, pipes, colored carnival balloons, garbare, blimp flying and Bowser Parade set.


During the second Mario Party, the heros needed to collect Stars from Toad to "defeat" Bowser, but at the same time, do not leave that easily. Unlike the Bowser's Magma Mountain, exists advantage and disadvantages this board. The disadvantages is the Bowser Parade that will player back in start losing Coins; the advantage is which can recover the coins in Koopa Banks, enter the pipes when someone steps on a Happening Space and swap way of Bowser Parade.

At the end of the game, Bowser appears to punish Koopa Troopa traitor when winner appears for defeat him. Thinking that all was lost when Bowser transforms in metal, Toad give star to winner finally defeat him completely.

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