Bowser Jr.'s Fearsome Fleet is a galaxy featured in World 3 of Super Mario Galaxy 2. The boss for the galaxy is Megahammer.


  • Bowser Jr's Mighty Megahammer
  • Megahammer's Daredevil Bash
  • Green Star Challenges

Names In Other Languages

  • Japanese: Kuppa Jr. no Senkan no Minato (Bowser Jr.'s Battleship Harbour)
  • Spanish: La Flota Flotante Bówsius (Bowser Jr.'s Floating Fleet. Bowsy (Third Declension I-stem) is Bowser Jr.'s Spanish name.)
  • French: Base interstellaire de Bowser Jr. (Bowser Jr.'s Interstellar Base)
  • Italian: Flotta Navele Bówserus Kuppes Juniorus (Bowser Jr.'s Naval Fleet)


  • The name for the Daredevil Comet mission was erroneously scripted as Daredevil Bash, not Daredevil Run as it should.
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