Bowser's Pinball Machine is the last board in the story mode of Mario Party DS following Kamek at Kamek's Library. It is owned by Bowser and Bowser Jr. The boss minigame is Bowser's Block Party, and Bowser is the boss. It is also the only board that must be unlocked in party mode.

Board Rules

The board has typical Star rules with Stars going around the board after getting purchased. The players start by the flippers with an early split. The straight path goes through a Coin spinner which gives the player to match the symbol to earn Coins of the symbols times 5. It then goes through the upper part of the board. The left path goes in a loop towards the start.

The upper path is a large loop with a split path with a shorter right path with the main difference being the left path having a Friend Space and Happening as well as a possibility for stars on both paths. After the paths meet, there is another split path with the left path looping around and the right path leading back to start

Happening Space

The Happening Space in the top left sends you into the cannon that launches the player to the other side of the board with the red reticle surrounding it. The happening spaces at the bottom next to the flippers send the players to the top of the board into the bumper and gain coins. The Happening Spaces next to the roulette lets the player bet coins on where they think the spinner will land. There are three areas: ×2 is the largest, ×3 is the second smallest, and ×5 is the smallest. If the spinner lands on the area the player bets on, the player will win the number of coins they bet on multiplied by the number on that area

The happening spaces on the lower right put the player on the plunger which sends the player in the Bowser Zone or the Star Zone which leads back to the initial loop back to the start. The Happening Spaces in the Bowser Zone will cause Bowser to unleash his "Zero Flame", which will cause the player to lose all of their Coins and Stars.


Mario and Co. run into the castle and Bowser traps them in his pinball machine. After clearing the board, Bowser decides to shrink everyone to oblivion with the Minimizer. Suddenly, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong run in and, in search of a feast, destroy the Minimizer. Upon the destruction, Mario and Co. grow back to full size. Bowser then throws on the Megamorph Belt, but is defeated anyway. The five Sky Crystals then join and form a crystal DS, ending story mode and unlocking Triangle Twisters.

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