Bowser's Magma Mountain was unlockable and treacherous board in Mario Party located from one of Koopa Kingdom volcanoes.


As name implies, was a mountainous and spiked volcano from Bowser's property with a one-way path to the top of the board, but with many junctions. The mountain is full with Bowser's heads statues and shortcut tolls.


During first Mario Party, the heros needed to collect Stars from Toad to defeat Bowser, but the same don't leave with easily. Because the shortcuts have price for 10 Coins, turning all the Blue Spaces into Red Spaces for two turns when someone steps on a Happening Space causing the volcano erupts and coins extorted by Bowser or Boo when someone face then.

At the end of the game, the winner's Stars form into a large Star that charges up and destroys the main Bowser's sculpture that same is in, sending him flying upward and falling back down on his side.

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