Bowser's Fury (also known as Fury World in Asian territories) is the game add-on included with the Nintendo Switch version of Super Mario 3D World. It features an open-world environment setting in a similar fashion to Super Mario Odyssey, unlike 3D World which is played in a linear fashion. It is a single-player adventure with 2-player co-op, and Mario is the only playable character. The mode appears to be darker compared to 3D World itself as it has literal dark themes.


Bowser's Fury intro 1

Mario about to fall into goop.

One day, as Mario is walking in the Mushroom Kingdom, he notices a pile of black goop and runs over to it. The goop then swallows him into the darkened Lake Lapcat, encountering the dark, gigantic, ferocious Fury Bowser. Empowered by the Cat Shine, Bowser is defeated with the rays of light of the lighthouse. Mario meets up with Bowser Jr. who requested him to help in order to save his father, to which Mario agreed.

After several retreats and defeats, Bowser's goopy powers wear off, but still in his gigantic, furious form, and seals the three Giga Bells into a giant crystal ball. Mario and Plessie then battle him and smash the ball at him thrice, breaking the three Bells free. In using them, Mario and Plessie multiply in size and stomach dive on Bowser, sending him flying into the air and restoring peace in Lake Lapcat.

Later, Bowser lands headfirst next to Bowser Jr. who cheers for him. Bowser then tries to attack Mario (in his Cat ability) before Bowser Jr. pulls his father away. He then starts yelling at Mario before fleeing away, breaking up the team. As Mario shrugs his arms, a group of cats approach to cuddle him. They jump in victory with Mario saying "Wahoo!", and Plessie, still gigantic, joins in on the celebration.

In the credits, paintings show that Bowser Jr. was traveling to Lake Lapcat one day on one of the airships. As Bowser was lying down and taking a nap, Bowser Jr. painted him with goop using his paintbrush. This made him become furious and start wreaking havoc on the airships. The following paintings show Bowser Jr. with Mario adventuring through Lake Lapcat, collecting a Cat Shine, Mario battling Fury Bowser in his Giga Cat form, and finally, Bowser and Bowser Jr. watching the sunset together.


Bowser's Fury trailer screenshot 3

Mario and Bowser Jr. in Lake Lapcat.

The mode sees Mario go to Lake Lapcat, a land populated with cats and cat-like enemies, as he collects Cat Shines in various islands in order to restore lighthouses and clean areas of their dark terrain. There, he will be accompanied by Bowser Jr.

Bowser's Fury trailer screenshot 24

Mario running in Fury Bowser's midst.

Periodically, a larger, much darker incarnation of Bowser is awakened with full fury, causing the entire land to go dark. To defeat him, Mario must use the Giga Bell and to transform into Giga Cat Mario and take on the Fury Bowser. The Giga Bell is summoned when Mario collects five Cat Shines.[1] After some time, Fury Bowser will return to his calm nap and everything in Lake Lapcat will be restored to its calm nature, and new islands will be opened. The mode is described as a "free-roaming adventure", which has a sandbox-style of gameplay, much like Super Mario Odyssey. It is a single-player campaign and has 2-player co-op multiplayer. It appears to have more story elements than 3D World. Snapshot mode is also available in this mode, and stamps collected from 3D World can be used as well.[1]

The game takes place in a large singular open world consisting of various island locations. If a player resumes the game or dies, they will respawn at the last level they have left off.

Playable characters[]

Mario and Bowser Jr

Mario and Bowser Jr.





  • Calico cat parent (non-enemy; day cycle)
  • Cat Seagulls


Bowser's Fury trailer screenshot 22

The Giga Bell ringing amidst Fury Bowser's clash.

Support items[]

  • Propeller Boxes
  • Ice Skates
  • Shells


SM3DW amiibo 2

Amiibo support works in Bowser's Fury as well.

The amiibo functionality for Bowser's Fury is different in this mode than in 3D World. In addition to the Cat Mario, Cat Peach, and Mario series compatibility, Bowser's Fury's is also compatible with the Bowser and Bowser Jr. amiibo figures. Bowser Jr.'s function allows a "powerful shockwave" to clear of nearby enemies and obstacles such as blocks, just like a POW Block. Bowser's functionality makes the Fury Bowser appear at any point. All other amiibo grants a Super Mushroom to the player.[2]

Differences from 3D World[]

  • The campaign is single-player with 2-player co-op multiplayer.
  • There's no online functionality.
  • There's spoken (subtitled) dialogue.
  • The camera is freely controllable.
  • The primary resolution is lower than the base game, dropping as low as 720p in docked mode (see below for more details).
  • The cursor is only used to summon Bowser Jr. for help.
  • The game is non-linear and fully open-world.
  • Items from 3D World that didn't appear in Bowser's Fury include:
  • Collecting 100 coins grants a new item instead of 1-Up Mushrooms. The player also loses coins and respawns at the start of a current level if a life is lost.
  • There is no hub world.
  • The game's music has a larger scale than 3D World.
  • Brand new mechanics such as Fury battles and life bars were introduced.
  • Despite taking place at an islandic setting, there's no underwater areas.

Differences from Odyssey[]

  • The game takes place in a huge singular world.
  • Players lose 50 coins whenever Mario loses a life.
  • The controls and mechanics are reused from 3D World.

Presentation and resolution[]

Bowser's Fury runs up to 60 frames-per-second in docked mode at a maximum resolution of 790p in the main area, while increased numbers in select areas including Fury battles. In handheld mode, the framerate drops to 30fps while at a maximum resolution of 720p.[3]

Music & Audio[]

The game's music has a more traditional adventure taste. It implements jazz-style, lyrical hard rock, fully orchestrated music. The game's composer is Daisuke Matsuoka, who worked on the newer Donkey Kong Country games, since he's the only composer credited. NOA sound member James Phillipsen is also involved, although it is yet clear on what specific role he had.


The campaign has received mostly mixed reviews from critics and gamers. Many praised its attempt at its open-world experiment and new features, while divided over its Fury Bowser interruptions, repetitive missions, and downgrading resolution.[4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11]


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  • Bowser's Fury is unironically more cat-themed than 3D World.
  • It is the first time ever in the mainline Super Mario series where a series antagonist, Bowser Jr., teams up with Mario as an ally.
    • It is also his playable debut in the mainline series (only through co-op multiplayer).
  • This is the first mainline Super Mario entry to use live choir performances since Super Mario Galaxy 2.
  • This the second 3D Mario game to lack a hub world.
  • Aside from other open-world games, there are several nods to Super Mario Sunshine as well:
    • The goop from Bowser Jr.'s brush has transported Mario to Lake Lapcat with the "M" painting, similar to the level portals in Delfino Isle.
    • After defeating Fury Bowser each time, the goop disappears and hidden worlds have emerged from the waters.
    • Bowser Jr. uses the electric goop to paint power-ups.
    • Lake Lapcat is also an island location, and Cat Shines have similar shapes of a Shine Sprite.


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