Bots are the main enemies in Disney Universe, which are minions of HEX that a Guest will face.


Disney Universe

When VIC talks to the player about Disney Universe, he says the Bots are harmless and would transport guests into another world. However, the Bots are hypnotized by HEX to take over Disney Universe.

The Bots later reform by playing a rock version of It's a Small World in the end of the game after completing the game one time.

Varieties of Bots


There are two types of Fodder:

  • Standard Fodder:
One of the weakest enemies is the Fodder. The Fodder is the common enemy the Guest will face in Disney Universe. Some have guns and some will build spike traps to stop the guest. Here are the types:
Trap Info
Spike Kills the Guest instantly when it is stepped. Can only be destroyed by slam attacks.
Barrier Blocks the paths of the Guest. Must be destroyed to get through.
Cannon Fires a fireball at the Guest.
  • Flying Fodder:
Other than its original counterpart, the Flying Fodder is mostly tough. Flying Fodder will shoot green balls or swoop at the guest. If the guest attacks it, it will lose its wings and will jump at the guest.


Brutes are the weakest mini-bosses in the game. Brutes are introduced in the second London level. Brutes are capable of slamming, ground pounding, and picking up the guest when they meet them. When a Use button icon appears on it when it runs, the Use button must be pressed to stun it.


The Roto is the second mini-boss in the game. After the guest destroys the teacups on the right side, a Roto will appear to stop the guest. It has a human arm and a wrecking ball. First, the Roto will lob its ball at the guest. This must be avoided by jumping. Next, the Roto will start spinning to attack the guest, so the guest cannot take hits at him and must be avoided. In addition, the Roto will slam its ball on the ground, so the guest must press the Use button to stun it.


The Bulldog is the third mini-boss in the game. After the guest adds the first door piece to the frame, a Bulldog will appear. The Bulldog is considered to be tougher than the Roto. Its attacks are charging and chomping. As the guest is being charged, a Use button icon will appear, so the guest must press the Use button to stun it.


The Spawner is the fourth and last mini-boss of the game. A Spawner appears after the guest repairs the second laser turret. The Spawner acts as its name implies by shooting Fodder. Its other attack is trying to ground pound. The deadliest attack is hen the Spawner shoots a fireball, so the guest must press the Use button to deflect it to stun it if the pressing is good.

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