These are quotes said by Boshi.


  • What're YOU lookin' at? If you wanna challenge me, you have to bring Cookies!
  • SO! You brought the Cookies. All right! Consider yourself lucky today. You've got yourself a race...One-on-one!
  • This is as easy as it gets, man.
  • Come back when you're SERIOUS! Now, I think those Cookies there belong to ME!
  • Since WHEN have you been able to sprint like that?! Oh...well... I had my day in the sun.
  • Let me give you a tip! Race someone SLOW. That way, you'll be able to stash away the Cookies!
  • Hmmm...All right! Just stay outta my way! Oh, here's the Cookie stash for the winner.
  • You lookin' at me?
  • Nice weather, eh?
  • No Cookies, NO RACE.
  • Count me in for X! To the starting gate, group! (X represents the amount of Cookies you wagered)
  • Let's race again sometime, all right?
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