Bootler is a Boo butler who works for Lady Bow in Boo's Mansion during the events of Paper Mario. He also acts as her personal adviser. Bootler is very over-protective of Lady Bow, and initially opposes her joining Mario on his quest to defeat Tubba Blubba (and even then wishes to go along with her, though she does not acquiesce). This protection to his mistress makes him similar to Toadsworth.

"Bootler" is word play off of "Boo" and "butler". Goombario actually states that "the correct term is 'butler'" upon tattling Bootler, indicating that the portmanteau in his name may have simply been caused by the unique Boo speech patterns seen exclusively in Paper Mario (which do indeed involve replacing words and parts of words with "Boo").

Bootler seems to have a certain connection with Lady Bow's ancestors. He constantly reminds her that the ancestors would be displeased if she was harmed in any way. According to a seemingly knowledgeable Toad found near Toad Town's port, Bootler was once in love with Lady Bow's grandmother, who was apparently Boo's Mansion's mistress during Bow's early childhood. This Toad also reveals that, in his youth, Bootler traveled the globe with Goompa and Koopa Koot.

After Mario defeats the Shadow Queen in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Lady Bow and Bootler go to Poshley Heights for a nice (but expensive) vacation.

Bootler has legendary status as a master frightener. In Paper Mario, he even scares Fice T. and Mario at the entrance of Forever Forest. When he frightens people, he grows many times his normal size and screams completely suddenly and unexpectedly. Bootler seems to enjoy scaring Fice T., as implied in the letter he sent to him. Bootler has also written Lady Bow a letter expressing his worry about her safety, which the player can read at the Post Office in Toad Town.

Bootler also makes a cameo appearance in Super Paper Mario, as a poster of Francis's collection.

Tattle information

  • He's a Boo called Bootler. He's the manager of the mansion and the personal assistant of Lady Bow. Ordinarily his title would be "butler." Being a butler is hard work. Hmm... Maybe I'm just imagining this, but doesn't it look like he's enjoying himself? Maybe he likes hard work??Goombario, in Paper Mario
  • That's Bootler. He's Bow's butler... but what does a butler do, exactly? It looks like he only listens to Bow, so I guess he wouldn't answer me if I asked...Goombella, in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door


  • Bootler's the only known Boo to have facial hair, save for the seemingly living Boo portraits (such as Boo's Portrait) found lining Boo's Mansion's second floor and Mario and Luigi's Boo form.
  • Bootler's the only minor character in the Paper Mario series to make a visual appearance in three of five games, aside from Whacka, who is likely three different Whackas in all his appearances, as there is more than one Whacka.
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