Booster Tower is the home of Booster, his Snifits, Knife Guy, and Grate Guy. It is here where Bowser joins Mario and his party. This is also where Princess Toadstool fell after Exor crashed through Bowser's Keep.

Involvement in Story

Mario and his party arrive at the tower while searching for the Star Pieces. Upon arriving, Bowser recruits Mario and his party into the Koopa Troop, thus joining Mario's party. With Bowser's help, Mario and his party are able to enter the tower to save Princess Toadstool, who they had learned was captured by Booster. After a long trek to the top of the tower, Mario must hide from Booster's Snifits, who are looking for Booster's Mario doll. After this, Booster take Princess Toadstool and flee to Marrymore, ordering Grate Guy and Knife Guy to stop Mario. Grate Guys and Knife Guy were thwarted, however, and Mario gave chase to Booster.


Outside the tower is a sign that reads "Welcome" as well as Booster's name in Japanese, "Bukki". At the top of the tower is a balcony, which was used to keep Princess Toadstool captive. The tower itself is very tall.


Inside the immense tower, there are black and bronze checkered floors, as well as a welcome desk headed by a Snifit. There are several pictures depicting the various generations of Booster, which are used later to reveal a treasure. The tower is filled with Spookums, Chain Chomps, Rob-ombs, and many other enemies that Mario has to fight through. There are also many hidden treasures, such as the Masher, Chomp, and Goodie Bag. On the top of the tower is a room with a box filled with the different toys that Booster plays with, as well as a bird cage.


  • There is a room in Booster Tower that allows Mario to transform into his 8-bit form from Super Mario Bros.
  • There is a Samus doll inside the toy box that Booster owns.
  • If Mario manages to stay hidden from the Snifits while they are searching for the Mario doll, Booster will award him with an Amulet.
  • The door to the balcony that Booster magically sealed has a password to open it that only Booster knows. This password is the same thing you named your file at the start of the game.
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