Boomer Kuwanger is a Maverick from the first Mega Man X game and boss designed to resemble a stag beetle. He was a Maverick Hunter from the 17th Elite Unit under Sigma, along with his brother, Gravity Beetle.


In both games where he appeared, Boomer Kuwanger will dash in the arena, but will later teleport. If he's far, he'll sometimes throw his Boomerang Cutter at Mega Man X, making it like a combination of the attacks of Cut Man and Quick Man. If he's close to Kuwanger, he'll grab him and slam him up. In addition, when he's close to X, he must use the walls and then evade. Homing Torpedo is his weakness and will make it easier to beat him as he keeps on teleporting. Kuwanger will then repeat again.

Other media

Boomer Kuwanger appeared in the mangas, Rockman X, Rockman Remix, and Rockman X Mega Mission.


  • Boomer Kuwanger and Sting Chameleon are the only first Mega Man X game Mavericks to not appear in the Xtreme series.
  • Boomer Kuwanger is one of the only Mavericks to have a brother. The other is Launch Octopus being the brother of Squid Adler.
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