The Boo Radar is a function of the Game Boy Horror in Luigi's Mansion that helps Luigi find Boos. Luigi can only obtain it in Professor E. Gadd's lab after he brings out all of King Boo and the Boos in the Storage Room.

LM Boo Radar

Boo Radar


The Boo Radar will blink yellow as there's a Boo in this room. If Luigi hits an object, it will be a Boo Ball, Bomb or Boo. If Luigi finds a Boo Ball, Luigi can blast it away with his Poltergust 3000. If Luigi finds a Bomb, it will explode and Luigi must avoid it. If Luigi finds a Boo, it has some HP and touching it hurts him and the Boo will go into a location that's cleared. If a location isn't cleared with a Boo, there are two Boos. Getting all of the Boos makes Luigi get a Diamond.


  • If Luigi does nothing in a location with a Boo, Luigi hears the sound of the Boo, as the Boo is in the location.
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