Boo's Horror Castle is a haunted house-themed board from Mario Party 9. The Boos chase the players, stealing Mini Stars if they catch up to them

Board Elements

The Boos are the main board element in this one. Each time a player passes a portrait, they'll appear. If the Boo catches the vehicle, the current captain will lose half of their Mini Stars and the Boo disappears. Players can temporarily escape the Boos, by taking the well-lit paths though it might cause Boos to get ahead handicapping the next Captain's movement.

Captain Event

Scaredy Rat Race - A Scaredy Rat steals Mini-stars from the players and the players give chase, still riding their vehicle. The Scaredy Rat rolls a 1-2-3 Dice Block to escape along a straight path and the players roll standard Dice Blocks in an order determined by the captain, to catch him. The path feature several Dash Spaces that both sides can use. If a player catches the Scaredy Rat, that player earns all of the stolen Mini Stars and the event ends. If the Scaredy Rat escapes, the event also ends and no one gets the Mini Stars.

Boss Battle

Deck Dry Bones

King Boo's Puzzle Attack


Flying Carpet - the default car

Float Mattress

Boo Blanket


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