Bonefin Galaxy is a galaxy found in the Wii video game Super Mario Galaxy that is covered mostly by water, with rock spires occasionally jutting out of the ground. It is home to the antagonistic Kingfin, the boss of the level. Players will only be able to collect one star in this galaxy, though nevertheless it features a notable boss fight.

Many underwater volcanoes are placed on the ground under the sea that will often spew out steam.

The galaxy requires 55 stars and the completion of Drip Drop Galaxy.



Kingfin's Planet


Kingfin's Fearsome Waters


  • The Bonefin Galaxy is the only bonus galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy in which Mario must fight a boss.
  • The Bonefin Galaxy is the only galaxy within a dome that must have a mission from outside of the domes to unlock.
  • This galaxy features the exact same background as the Ghostly Galaxy and the Boo's Boneyard Galaxy.
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