Bomberman Story DS is a puzzle action role-playing video game for the Nintendo DS. It is the third game in the Bomberman Story series. It was announced at the Nintendo Conference 2005.


The game plays similarly to Bomberman 64, with free-roaming, non-grid based maps and sphere-shaped bomb explosions, except the graphics are 2D, and there is also an RPG-style experience system. The player must navigate the map on each planet to locate the dungeon and then the boss. Along the way they must defeat enemies and destroy soft blocks with bombs. Every time an enemy is defeated it will display the experience that was earned by the player. After enough experience is obtained, they will level up and gain a new skill like increased number of bombs or fire power.

There are also various types of bombs that can be obtained that have different functions. They are kept in a specific quantity and more can be found from inside soft blocks or defeated monsters.

The game uses the Bomberman Battle Pack 1 for its Battle Mode, meaning that it is fully cross-compatible with Bomberman Land Touch!.


Bomberman is a special agent, hired by "The Justice Department" to retrieve some stolen scientific data. It was later discovered that Professor Xeal and "The Lords of the Galaxy" were involved in the loss of this data, and so Bomberman begins his latest journey.


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