Bomberman GB 3 is the third Bomberman GB game. It was released in Japan only in 1996.


The game features traditional Bomberman gameplay where the player must use bombs to defeat enemies on a grid-like map. At the beginning of each stage, a different object is displayed that must be completed to clear it. There are five stages and a boss stage in every level. Every fifth level involves collecting gems on the map, and if the player collects enough, two bell items will appear near the exit. These two items will offer the player help during the boss fight. A White Bomber will appear and drop items, and a Black Bomber will appear to injure one HP on the boss.

The player can select which stage they want to play, but must clear all three stages to advance to the next series. After doing this twice, they can access the final area, called Evil, where Evil Bomber awaits.


The 11th planet of Bomber Nebula, named Owen, faces a sudden earthquake. Deep within its underground, the terrible Evil Bomber, who had been trapped for ages, finally rises to power and steals the Bomber Capsules from Bomberman. Bomberman and his friends must now take back the Capsules and defeat Evil Bomber!


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