Bomberman Blast is an action game developed and published by Hudson Soft for the Wii and WiiWare in 2008. The game was released as two versions: a fully featured retail release and a downloadable, lower priced WiiWare version with less content.


The game's battle mode features eight-player, worldwide online play with rankings, and players with the retail and WiiWare versions of the game are able to compete against each other. 10 battle stages are included with the WiiWare version, while the retail release includes an extra 2 stages, for a total of 12. Eight-player battle mode is supported by having four players using GameCube controllers and four players using Wii remotes.


The plot of the story mode revolves around Bomberman saving the player's Miis by defeating five bosses who have kidnapped them. The story mode covers 39 stages across 5 worlds, featuring 31 different unique enemies.


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