Bomberman 64 (JP) is a Nintendo 64 video game developed by Hudson Soft and published by Nintendo. The game includes the classic mechanics that made the series popular, though a single player mode furthers the experience by adding platforming and action elements as well. The game was re-released on the Virtual Console on March 9, 2017.


The game was the first of many Bomberman video games released on the Nintendo 64 in English speaking countries. The game makes use of the joystick, allowing the protagonist to move in many more directions than before. Rather than the bombs' explosions going in four different directions, they create a circular blast. The stages are much more diverse this time around, and the addition of eight different directions in which the player can travel in adds plenty to the already beloved Bomberman experience.



Level Name: Description:
Green Garden
  • Untouchable Treasure
  • Friend or Foe?
  • To Have or to Have Not
  • Winged Guardian
It was a lush green area that is surrounded by water and various stone walls and pillars, the boss is blue dragon named Draco.
Blue Resort
  • Switches and Bridges
  • Vs. Artemis
  • Pump it Up!
  • Sewer Savage
It was a resort-like area that is completely surrounded by an ocean and is filled with various water works, the boss is giant purple fish with an antenna on his head named Leviathan.
Red Mountain
  • Hot on the Trial
  • Vs. Orion
  • On the Right Track
  • Hot Avenger
It was a mountainous region that is completely surrounded by lava with an active volcano at its center, the boss is the fighting machine war robot named Hades that Orion controlled the robot to fight Bomberman after he returned to get his revenge.
White Glacier
  • Blizzard Peaks
  • Vs. Regulus
  • Shiny Slippery Icy Floor
  • Cold Killers
It was a snowy area that has various shiver mountains across its lower half and a large sheet of ice surrounding a cave on its upper half, the boss is the vicious enormous spider made of ice with a mask and six legs named Mantis.
Black Fortress
  • Go for the Broke
  • High-Tech Harvester
  • Trap Tower
  • Vs. Altair
The fortress is surrounded by a city filled with traffic and lights around its lower region with a large tower at its center, the boss is the war machine vehicle Cerberus that was built by Altair to guard the second area.
Rainbow Palace
  • Beyond the Clouds
  • Vs. Spellmaker
  • Doom Castle
  • The Final Battle!
It was a palace in the sky filled with stone pillars and walkways with a shrine at its center and above the shrine is a small room with a green roof, the two bosses are Spellmaker and Sirius.


The game was welcomed to mixed reactions. Some critics, such as GamePro, appreciated the newest addition to the series and rewarded it with a 4.5/5. Nintendo Power, Electronic Gaming Monthly and IGN all gave the game a score in the sevens, while GameSpot surprisingly gave it a disappointing 4.6/10.