Bomberman 64: The Second Attack (Baku Bomberman 2 in Japan) is a game released for the Nintendo 64 from the Bomberman series.


The game begins with Bomberman flying in a spaceship back to his planet, accompanied by a strange egg, when his ship is sucked into a black hole. Bomberman loses consciousness and then wakes up to be in a prison cell with the mysterious egg, but without the fire stone that allows him to use his bombs. The egg passes soon after, and the emerging creature appears as Pommy. Pommy is able to slip through the cell bars to retrieve the Bomberman fire stone, and with it Bomberman is able to escape. The two later learned that they were imprisoned by agents working for the Astral Knights, a perverse group that collected the Seven Elementary Stones. Bomberman and his new friend have decided to stop the astral knights from executing everything they are planning.

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