Boggly Woods are the woods which Mario, Goombella, and Koops explore in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, in Chapter 2. These woods seem tranquil, yet they create an eerie and lonely atmosphere accentuated by large gusts of wind and shifting, rainbow-colored earth. The floor has a tree-branch-like texture with the purple-blue-green gradient, and is made out of crystal. The Boggly Woods are inhabited by many pale black-and-white enemies and the Punies, small gray creatures with colored pompoms on their heads. Because of their remote location, the woods also attract a few Rogueportians who desire peace and solitude. Four notable outlanders who have at one time been to the woods are Madame Flurrie, one of Mario's partners, Dupree, the Businessman, and Doe T., one of the subjects Mario must help from the Trouble Center.

Mario and his teammates discover that the X-Nauts are behind Princess Peach's kidnapping and offer Punio their help in driving the X-Nauts out of the Punis' home, the Great Tree. As the group nears the woods, they happen to hear the Shadow Sirens in the midst of conversation as they try to recover a lost sketch of Mario they believe will lead to his capture. During this, Vivian shows Beldam Flurrie's necklace. Marilyn notices Mario as he enters the woods and tries to alert her sisters, but Beldam and Vivian ignore her.

Before Mario reaches the Great Tree, he encounters the aforementioned Madame Flurrie and learns that she lives in Boggly Woods not only for peace and solitude but also to be near the Punies, who she adores. She requests help in retrieving her necklace, which Mario and his companions find in the woods, and once it is in her possession, Madame Flurrie joins their quest and uses her abilities to help the group gain access to the Great Tree.

The in-game map description reads, "A strange and beautiful forest filled with strange and beautiful creatures."



Items Icons
Honey Syrup In the second screen, to the left of the third tree from right.
Inn Coupon In the third screen, in the bush to the right of the pipe.
Necklace In the second screen, dropped by the Shadow Sirens.
P-Down, D-Up P In the fourth screen, in an invisible red block above the tree stumps in the north.
Quake Hammer In the fourth screen, in the red question Block on top of the right platform.
Shine Sprite In the fourth screen, to the left of the high airplane panel.
Sleepy Sheep In the second screen, in the leftmost tree.
Star Piece In the fourth screen, on the left of the tree stumps to the north of the airplane area.
In the fifth screen, in the third tree.
In the fifth screen, to the left of the pipe leading to Flurrie's house.
In Flurrie's house, under a panel in the southeast of the bedroom.
Super Appeal P In Flurrie's house, in the chest box in the bedroom. Flurrie might have used it when she was an actress.
Volt Shroom In the fifth screen, in the right of the area behind the fence.

Hidden ? Block

Items Description
P-Down, D-Up P Badge In the area with the tall stump that allows him to go into Airplane Mode, he should go to the tree stumps in the back and jump at the tenth one from the left to reveal the hidden ? Block. The location of this block is mentioned in Wonky's Tales, "Secret of Boggly Woods".[1]


  1. Wonky: Deep in Boggly Woods is a spot with a bunch of tree stumps all lined up... If you jump hard on the tenth stump from the left, you'll get something good. Now I don't know what it is, but I hear it's really good.
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