Blues Brothers 2000 is a platformer game released for the Nintendo 64, published by Titus Software. The Game is based on the 1998 movie of the same name.


The game is a three-dimensional world featuring the polygon construction seen in many N64 games. Your character wanders around three different worlds looking for useful objects and switches. There are several moves and attacks which can be used to solve puzzles and defeat bosses. The objective of the game is to find a series of golden musical notes that allow you to rescue your fellow band members. Along the way you must solve puzzles and battle a variety of opponents. You must also master a series of dance moves which consists of pushing buttons on your controller when a picture of them appears.


The game follows Elwood Blues on his journey to get his band ready for the Battle of the Bands. You start out in prison, where the warden refuses to release even though your sentence is up. You must escape through a series of guards, angry inmates, and a nurse to save Cab from a cook planning to stew him. You then battle the warden and escape the prison.

You reach Chicago where you must fight bulldogs and dodge cars and sewer gators to get musical the musical notes. You must navigate a variety of high rise builings to complete the mission. Eventually you reach a clun where you must save band member Mack from the evil owner Willie.

Eventually you escape to a graveyard where you must navigate series of even more difficult traps to save Buster from an evil tree. Eventually you reach a swamp where you compete in the Battle of the Bands.

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