Blue space

A Blue Space.

Blue Spaces (known as Plus Spaces in Mario Party 5, Safe Spaces in Mario Party: Island Tour, and Coin Spaces in Mario Party 10) are spaces in the Mario Party series that provide coins (three to nine, depending on the game and specific circumstances) to characters who land upon them. They appear in every Mario Party game except for Mario Party-e, Mario Party Advance, and Mario Party 9, but they are the most common spaces in the series. These spaces can vary in hue and shape, depending on the game. In Mario Party: Island Tour, they have a much different role: They protect the player from getting hit by the Banzai Bill in Banzai Bill's Mad Mountain. In Mario Party 10, they only appear in amiibo Party and give the player 3 coins (6 during the homestretch) when they land on it. Blue Spaces make a small appearance in Mario Party: Star Rush as simple spots the player moves on in the Coinathlon game mode. In Mario Party: The Top 100, they make a cameo on some of the box art in the Collection. Although not appearing in Mario Party 9, a similar-looking space known as the Special Dice Block Space appears.

Official profiles

Mario Party 2

  • Wii Virtual Console Manual: "Receive three coins."
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