The Blue Paratroopas are a group of three blue Koopa Paratroopas as their name states that appear in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and ally Mario and Luigi after they hit the giant Blue Shell block, releasing all of the Blue Shells. They ally Mario and Luigi by telling them on how to use the blue shells. After they teach Mario and Luigi how to use it, they reward Mario and Luigi with all of the Toad Town Attack Pieces.

Mario and Luigi met up with the three Blue Paratroopas for the second time in Peach's Castle Grounds after collecting the seven Attack Pieces in a Attack Piece Block and were arguing on who will keep them. The leader settled the argument by saying Mario and Luigi owed 30 coins and Mario and Luigi said it wasn't enough so they raised it to 300 coins. The other two Blue Paratroopas were stunned about how much money the Bros. paid them. The leader showed Mario and Luigi where the other Attack Pieces were and told them that the Attack Piece Blocks were invisible afterwards.

They make their latest appearance in the game when Dark Bowser leaves a dark wind around the entire Mushroom Kingdom.


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