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Blue Ghost is an enemy and minion of the Ultimate Ghost, but one Blue Ghost appears as a boss, before the boss Armored Ghost guarding the prince. They are first seen in Find Mii. They look somewhat similar to Ghosts, only having more HP, which is 25 HP. They are also lavender-blue in color with a dark-blue tongue and metallic indigo hair. they are the 3rd weakest enemies in Find Mii 1, 2nd ones being Armored Ghosts with 10 HP and Ghosts with 7 HP. Blue Ghosts are immune to blue magic and weak to red magic. In the Mirage Tower, a Blue Ghost is protected by a light blue shield which requires someone of the same color to break it. In Find Mii 2, the boss Blue Ghost uses mirage magic to create a copy of himself. If a hero hits the copy, he or she will give up and leave the party.


Find Mii

  • Fort of Summoning - B2
  • Gloomy Grotto
  • Gloomy Grotto Exit
  • Mirage Tower (protected by light blue shield)

Find Mii 2

  • Restless Rise - South

Secret Quest

  • Bewitching Bog East


Find Mii 1

Health Abilities
Blue Ghost 25 Blue magic has no effect, red magic does 2x damage.

Find Mii 2

Health Abilities
Blue Ghost 25 Red magic does 2x damage, creates a copy of itself which, when attacked, is destroyed and causes the hero to leave the party.
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