Blood Falcon is a racer in the F-ZERO series of games. Blood Falcon is a clone of racer and bounty hunter Captain Falcon created from DNA collected when Falcon was hospitalized after a large F-Zero accident four years before the events of F-Zero GX. Since he was cloned four years ago, he is technically four years old, though racing literature lists him as being 37 years of age.

He was cloned by the Black Shadow, a criminal mastermind. Though Blood Falcon is capable of everything Captain Falcon is, he has been trained to obey his master. His F-Zero ship, the Blood Hawk, was designed to be exactly like Captain Falcon's ship, the Blue Falcon. However, it was discovered it couldn't be replicated so the designers sacrificed grip for boost. The secondary engine was looted from the Blue Falcon following the large accident.

Cameos In Other Games

In all the games in the Super Smash Bros. series, Captain Falcon has a recolor that resembles Blood Falcon. Indeed, in Melee and Brawl, the emblem on Falcon's jacket is changed to a skull and the phrase "Blood Hawk", a change reflected in his All-Star trophy.


Blood Falcon's costume in Brawl.

Trophy Information


A clone created with the DNA stolen from Captain Falcon after his post- accident hospitalization. He abides strictly by the orders of Black Shadow, who fully supports his criminal activities. Blood Falcon pilots the Blood Hawk, which happens to be nearly identical in its performance traits to Captain Falcon's Blue Falcon (#25).

Wii U

Look! It's our beloved hero, Captain Falcon! Waitaminute...that's Blood Falcon, a clone created from Captain Falcon's DNA! The evil Black Shadow created him with world domination in mind, but Blood Falcon developed his rivalry with Captain Falcon all on his own. Looks like ...someone.... doesn't want to share the spotlight.
  • F-Zero X (10/1998)
  • F-Zero GX (08/2003)
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