The Blonde Imposter is a fruit in Pikmin 3 that is actually a golden kiwi. it splits into two pieces when discovered. Each half produces only three-fourths of a bottle of juice. It is found in the Twilight River inside of a crystal.

Captain Brittany's notes

NTSC version

"Aha! This furry little fruit tried to hide itself under a veil of camouflage and fuzz, but I won't be fooled. Tell me, Ms. Fauna, if you are indeed animal and not vegetable, Where are your legs?! ...Checkmate, fruit."

PAL version

"Aha! This fuzzy fruit obviously wanted to camouflage itself as a wild beast, but I wasn't fooled for a minute. The lack of legs was a dead dead give-away. In any case, it's so delicious-looking, and so full of Piktamin U, that I doubt the odd limb or two would put me off..."

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