FF Fan FF Fan 24 July 2009

"Top 45 Unusual Stylish Super Mario Brothers Artworks"

One of my favorite websites, Creative Uncut, recently linked to an article that had some of the most unique illustrations of the Mario Brothers in one concentrated area. The collected artworks from the internet are pretty diverse; some are whimsical, some are realistic, a lot of them are strange and all of them are awesome. Most of them are from deviantART, so I guess there is more where that came from.

Top 45 Unusual Stylish Super Mario Brothers Artworks

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Bentendo Bentendo 14 July 2009

American Club Nintendo gifts announced.

Nintendo has announced the Gold and Platinum Club Nintendo gifts for the United States and Canada. Gold members will receive a 2010 Nintendo calendar, while Platinum members will have a choice between a WiiWare game titled Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! and a Mario hat. Platinum members can also choose the calendar if they wish. Gifts will apparently be sent out in November of this year.

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Bentendo Bentendo 10 July 2009

Game & Watch titles confirmed for DSiWare

Nintendo has a knack for re-releasing games via DSiWare, don't they? Well, I have no problem with this one, because I'm a huge fan of Game & Watch games (but it kind of defeats the purpose of getting the Game & Watch Collection, doesn't it?). As one might expect, each one costs a cheap 200 Nintendo Points, but if you're looking to collect all of the games that Nintendo plans to make available, then expect to shell out quite a bit of money. The games that have been confirmed so far include:

  • Ball - July 15th
  • Flagman - July 15th
  • Vermin - July 15th
  • Judge - July 15th
  • Helmet - July 29th
  • Chef - July 29th (among my favorite G&W games)
  • Donkey Kong Jr. - August
  • Mario's Cement Factory - August
  • Manhole - August

Take note I'm not really sure if the dates are for Japan, Am…

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Bentendo Bentendo 3 July 2009

Electroplankton DSiWare games announced.

Nintendo has announced that they'll be splitting up the Nintendo DS game Electroplankton into six different games, each containing one of the modes from the original. The games have only been announced for Japan so far, and no English release has been confirmed. So far the announced games include:

  • Electroplankton Trapy (out next week)
  • Electroplankton Hanenbon (Hanebow) (out next week)
  • Electroplankton Nanocarp (out next week)
  • Electroplankton Tsuriga ne Mushi (Beatnes) (out next week)
  • Electroplankton Rekku Rekku (Rec-Rec) (out July 22)
  • Electroplankton Hikari no Wa (Lumiloop) (out July 22)
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Bentendo Bentendo 2 July 2009

Miyamoto says: Zelda Wii not that radically different.

In the newest issue of Nintendo Power, Miyamoto, when asked about the upcoming The Legend of Zelda game for the Wii, tells the editors that the new game will not be that radically different from previous incarnations of Zelda. He also went on to explain that in Super Mario Galaxy 2, we shouldn't expect new powerups, but instead expect there to be a lot of special features for Yoshi (as we've already seen), and that there's an item that slows down time (as we've also already seen in the trailer). Finally when it comes to New Super Mario Bros., the characters confirmed for the game are the only ones in there (shucks), and have reconfirmed that the Koopa Kids will make a return as we've seen in the demos at E3.

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Bentendo Bentendo 1 July 2009

The Four Warriors of Light: A Final Fantasy Anecdote announced for DS

Square Enix recently started a countdown on their Japanese website but literally no information was known on the game. Today, all of that changes. In the newest issue of Shonen Jump, Square Enix announced The Four Warriors of Light: A Final Fantasy Anecdote (note: this is just a translated name), a new traditional turn based role-playing game. Not much is known about the game at the moment, though it can be confirmed that when you change the equipment of your character, the change will be visible.

NOTE: You probably notice that this is a blog post rather than a standard news post on the Kingdom Enquirer. This is a lot easier than posting on the Kingdom Enquirer and a bit more fun as well, so from now on all news posts will be in blog format. …

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FF Fan FF Fan 1 July 2009

Blogs, huh?

I used to have a blog, and it only had seven posts in it. Basically the whole blog was about what was happening at other blogs. The last blog post was about MTV's Multiplayer Blog and how it was trying to determine the best reptile/amphibian in video games.

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