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Wii U

=== Re-continuation == When Brico-Meiser stepped in as CEO for Nintendo of Japan, Nintendo of Europe, and Nintendo of America, he realised Wii U sales were too low (which is understandable because marketing was bad, but still deserves more sales which is why he's doing this), and Nintendo Switch sales are too high (which is understandable since Nintendo Switch has a lot of great games, but it doesn't deserve to be that high because it has no batter life and bad joy-cons). With the sales of the Wii U and Nintendo Switch the opposite of what they should be, the Wii U is re-continued.ref>

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Alandong Alandong 9 February


Hello everyone welcome to my account!

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Ghirahim le fabuleux Ghirahim le fabuleux 4 February

Featured Article - February 2021

This month's featured article is History of Nintendo as suggested by Mahdi81. Don't forget to to suggest A class articles on the Nomination page if you want them to be featured for a month.

This article is a little bit different from those we usually choose. It is not about a character, game or person who was involved with Nintendo. It's the article our community uses to try to form a comprehensive timeline of notable events in Nintendo's history. The article is huge and cover everything since 1889. Yours truly has even worked on the post 2010 years since I arrived in this community. The 1889 - 2010 were already made way before my arrival and are almost as old as the wiki itself. The article was actually not updated that often when I arrive…

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Predictthefuture Predictthefuture 20 January


A year ago, I posted this: User blog:Predictthefuture/2020 is not what I expected at all.......

Now its time to see if this was correct! Note that I will still count if if the game actually came out but released in a different month.

June- I did not see that coming.....I thought we would get a Direct in June. Instead, it was just plain silence from Nintendo.

July- We got Paper Mario: The Origami King this month, but I predicted Bravely Default II and Super Mario 3D World, which both happen to be releasing next month.....very weird.

August- I predicted Pikmin 3 and WarioWare. WarioWare didn't happen, but Pikmin 3 was announced in August! It released in October tho, so it doesn't really count.

September- My second accurate prediction, this time its …

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Shadow Dedede Shadow Dedede 19 January

Which Mario character is your favorite

Write it in the comments!

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Mr.Joker420 Mr.Joker420 6 January

Worst wii games

Data Design Games


Skyward Sword

Other M


Secret Rings

Black Knight

Call of Duty on Wii

mario party 9

Mario and sonic

wii music

Wii chess

Fortune street

Wii fit

Babysitting mama

Just dance


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Ghirahim le fabuleux Ghirahim le fabuleux 4 January

Featured Article - January 2021

This month's featured article is Super Mario Bros. as suggested by Tgr6234. Don't forget to to suggest A class articles on the Nomination page if you want them to be featured for a month.

Super Mario Bros. is a game that almost everyone who has touched a video game knows. It is Mario's third big starring role after Donkey Kong and Mario Bros.. It is also the game that propulsed his popularity to new height as well as the most popular game on the Nintendo Entertainment System and one of the best selling games of all time.

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Ghirahim le fabuleux Ghirahim le fabuleux 2 December 2020

Featured Article - December 2020

This month's featured article was chosen by myself since no articles were nominated. Don't forget to to suggest A class articles on the Nomination page if you want them to be featured for a month. So, this month's featured article is Dark Link.

Dark Link is a stapple enemy from the Zelda series that debuted as the final boss of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. He has since appeared in multiple Zelda games as a boss or mini boss. He is supposed to be a dark reflection of Link. It should be noted that there also exist a similar entity called Shadow Link. No connection between these two entities is ever shared by the games.

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Lm225 Lm225 30 November 2020

Game Boy Line Units Sold

Hey, I have had a problem with finding out how much units the Game Boy line has sold. I know 118 Million but individually I still have no clue. I could not find it out from any of my friends or even Google. So, If you can help me out, what is the units sold of the OG Game Boy, Pocket, Light, and Color. Thanks

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GamerGirlLegend2019 GamerGirlLegend2019 14 November 2020



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