Block Plaza is a battle course featured in Mario Kart Wii. This course appears to be based on Block Fort from Mario Kart 64 and Block City from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.

The course features four character statues on the blocks with Mario on the red block, Luigi on the green block, Princess Peach on the blue block, and Princess Daisy on the yellow block. There is also a large purple block in the middle of the course with a giant cube statue to help drivers get from one block to another. Every 60 seconds (excluding the last minute), the statues and the small blocks sink into the ground, leaving behind bottomless pits, similar to the sinking ground in Grumble Volcano. Various sprites from Super Mario Bros. can be seen in the sky. When a Mii is participating, the heads of the main characters' statues are replaced by Miis' heads from the player's system. Daisy and Peach are changed to female Mii heads, while Mario and Luigi are changed to male Miis heads.


A tournament took place on this battle course. The battle course was adjusted to look like a race track, and players competed in a time trial in an attempt to get the fastest possible time. Obstacles that appeared include barriers, Goombas, pipes, and oil slicks. On the third lap, the non-statue bearing platforms start to fall and disappear.

This was the first tournament for February 2009, and it was repeated as the first tournament for February 2011, the second tournament of May 2012, and the first tournament of August 2013. When the tournament was first introduced, the information for the second tournament of February 2009 at GBA Bowser Castle 3 was accidentally given.

Official Descriptions

  • Official European Website: "Don't spend too long looking at the impressive Mario statues or you might just find yourself falling down one of the well concealed drops that lie in wait for careless driver."
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