Block Man is a Robot Master that first appeared in Mega Man 11. He is a small, stout robot created to work on exterior constructions, being able to create blocks one after another. His regular appearance resembles a stone castle, though with turquoise arms and legs, letting him move. His hands have white gloves. Block Man has the serial number DLN-081.

In combat, he uses his Special Weapon, the Block Dropper, to form blocks out of thin air above his opponents to try and crush them. When in a pinch, he uses the Power Gear installed by Dr. Wily to cover his body with blocks and transform into a gigantic robot, increasing his physical strength. This gigantic form has its own life gauge. When his giant form is destroyed, Block Man will move to a corner and constantly throw blocks.

Block Man is described as a peppy character, but loses his temper if he catches his workers slacking off. Pile Man is one of his best friends, and they sometimes go to the bar to have a drink.


  • Block Man uses "You blockhead!" for his death quote. This is actually an infamous line that the Peanuts character Lucy van Pelt uses for her most iconic insult to Charlie Brown.
  • Block Man's weakness to the Chain Blast can be justified by the demolition purposes of explosives.
  • The fact that Acid Man takes more damage from the Block Dropper is a reference to how acid-resistance bricks can be.
  • Block Man's Japanese name is Renga Man, referring to the Japanese term Renga, which means "brick".
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