Block Fort is a battle course found in Mario Kart 64 and Mario Kart DS. Block City from Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and Block Plaza from Mario Kart Wii appear to be based on Block Fort.


Mario Kart 64

Block Fort appeared as a third course in Battle mode. There are four blocks in the game having four normal colors: strawberry-red, lemon-yellow, pear-green and sky-blue. There are also four small pale-black (possibly whitish-gray) bridges. Above the small bridges, there are extremely long, slender bridges. If you fall from the bridge, you could either fall on the block or the ice-gray floor with cocoa-brown bricks. There are also easy way to hit your foes. To do this, use bananas and fake item boxes on the bridge. Make sure you line up this item boxes horizontally without losing them by making contact with them. This lined-up items will attempt to block the bridge which can cause problems for your foes. Using shells is a disadvantage in this game because they could easily fall from a block or bridge and they hit tough bricked wall which will kill the shell. Green shells are immune to most walls although they can get died when they hit the wall.

Mario Kart DS

Block Fort also reappeared as a fifth battle stage in MKDS. There are no modificated differences but you can see the blocks changed their color. Red block is now pinkish-red, yellow block is pale banana yellow, blue is powder blue and green is peppermint green.

Oficial descriptions

Mario Kart 64 Instruction Booklet: The map consists of a series of floors, each three levels high. The four blocks are colored red, yellow, green and blue so you can quickly check your opponents' screens to find their locations.

Mario Kart 64 Web Page: Block Fort is a multi-level arena with three levels of platforms linked by ramps and elevated roads. The four blocks that make up the arena are color coded so you can tell where your opponents with a glance at their screen.[1]


  • In the Nintendo 64 version, the entire battle course appears to be surrounded by a sea of water, as shown in the icon in the battle stage selection. In the Nintendo DS version, the touch screen indicates the course to be surrounded by a field of grass.
  • Despite N64 Choco Mountain returning in Mario Kart DS and using the same music as Block Fort in Mario Kart 64, the latter uses the same music for every other battle course in the DS version. The same also applies to GCN Pipe Plaza.


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