Blizzard Buffalo

Blizzard Buffalo.

Blizzard Buffalo (or Frozen Buffalio in Japanese) is a bison-based Maverick in Mega Man X3. He is a peace-loving artist, even with the Maverick Virus in his appearance.


Just like the area of Flame Mammoth, there's no conveyor belt, except ice. Blizzard Buffalo may begin to charge at Mega Man X with his horn, acting like other bovines do in real life. He'll stop when he slams into a wall. If X doesn't jump, he might charge at X, combining the attacks of Charge Man and Freeze Man. He can throw Frost Shields at Mega Man, which he has to avoid. If Blizzard Buffalo's health is 50%, he'll shoot an ice beam, which can freeze X and then repeats again.

Other media

  • Blizzard Buffalo made an appearance in the manga, Rockman X.


  • Blizzard Buffalo is one of the bosses ability to create ice sculptures. The others are Chill Penguin, Cold Man and Frost Man.
  • If Mega Man X is in his part of his stage, he'll find a hidden room with a capsule that has Dr. Light. If he enters the capsule, he gains the Legs upgrade.
  • In Mega Man X Collection in Frost Walrus' stage, you can see Blizzard Buffalo in the very beginning.
  • If X finishes Volt Catfish's stage, Blizzard Buffalo's stage becomes less slippery.
  • Blizzard Buffalo is one of the only Mavericks from Mega Man X3 to not appear in the Xtreme series. The others are Gravity Beetle, Toxic Seahorse, and Crush Crawfish.
  • The words in his animation intro in Mega Man X Collection are misspelled, "BILZZARD BUFFALO".
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