Blathers is a popular character in the Animal Crossing series, first appearing in the Japanese only Animal Forest for the Nintendo 64, and later on appearing in games that have been released in all major regions (Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing: Wild World, and Animal Crossing: City Folk). In the video games, he is the owner of the museum, and being an owl is basically asleep during most of the day, though wide awake at night. Of course, if you wish to donate a particular item, then all you have to do is simply wake him up, and he'll visibly be embarrassed of sleeping on the job.

He has a love of almost everything that he carries in his museum, excluding bugs, which he blatantly detests. He seems to be very fond of fish as food, though never seems to eat any of the aquatic creatures that you send him. He's very knowledgeable about fish, bugs, paintings and dinosaur fossils, and will give short but sweet tidbits about everything you donate when you do so.

He has a younger sister named Celeste, who is has a love for the stars, evident in the Nintendo DS installment of the game (Wild World) in which she runs the upstairs of the museum, where she'll allow you to view and construct constellations, which can be viewed during particular days.

E-Reader card information


Number: 007 (series 1)
Code item: Ranch Dresser
Scan item: Owl Clock
Profile: As museum curator, this night owl fills his brain with fascinating facts. Just be prepared for a lecture whenever you talk to him. He'd be a great game-show contestant if he could just stay awake.

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