The Blast from the Past series is the eighteenth series listed in the Treasure Hoard in Pikmin 2. It consists of 10 Nintendo video-game-related parts. The Dream Architect is the first game in the Game & Watch series 'Ball', the Stone of Glory is an old NES controller D-pad, the Glee Spinner is the analogue stick on a Nintendo GameCube controller, the Cosmic archive is an old Famicom Disk System game, the Remembered Old Buddy is the head of the Robotic Operating Buddy that came bundled with the NES and all of the Gyro blocks, they were exclusively used to play the NES game Stack Up.


"You got the Blast from the Past Series! My nostalgic pitch will transform these oldies into hits!"


NTSC #PAL #NameReal world objectWeightValue
147145Dream ArchitectGame and Watch20280
148146Stone of GloryControl Pad5100
149147Glee SpinnerNGC Control Stick6140
150148Cosmic ArchiveFamicom Disk15230
151149Remembered Old BuddyROB's head30250
152150Fond Gyro BlockRed ROB Gyro Block580
153151Memorable Gyro BlockYellow ROB Gyro Block580
154152Lost Gyro BlockGreen ROB Gyro Block580
155153Favorite Gyro BlockBlue ROB Gyro Block580
156154Treasured Gyro BlockWhite ROB Gyro Block580
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