Blast Hornet is a Maverick designed to resemble a hornet and one of the eight bosses in Mega Man X3. When the Maverick Virus started to infect the Reploids, Blast Hornet fell into victim.


Mega Man X3

Similar to fighting Gyro Man and Astro Man, Blast Hornet would be too difficult to beat without his weakness. Hornet will buzz and try to grab Mega Man X (character) where he's standing. Later, Hornet will shoot Parasitic Bombs on the wall, making it difficult for X to wall jump. Using Gravity Well will send the hornets up to outer space, but Hornet will land on the ground instead. Hornet will also summon a cursor to let parasites attack X where he's standing. If X uses Gravity Well, the parasites will go to outer space. To stop this, X must avoid the parasite or destroy it. If the parasites leave the screen, the cursor will be removed, also when destroying it. Hornet will then repeat again.

Mega Man Xtreme 2

Blast Hornet behaves like the one in his first appearance, except it's too difficult to beat without his weakness. Zero would be easier for him to defeat by using Dash.

Other media

Blast Hornet appeared in the manga, Rockman X3.


  • Blast Hornet is one of the flying bosses that are stunned when using a weapon. The others are Cloud Man, Astro Man and Tengu Man. Gyro Man doesn't count, but he's stunned in Mega Man Anniversary Collection if Mega Man uses Plant Barrier
  • Blast Hornet and Hornet Man are the only bosses that have the name, "Hornet".
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