Blast Corps is a 1997 video game released on the Nintendo 64. It was developed by Rare and published by Nintendo. The game has had a cult following, and was featured in one of Nintendo Power's Playback sections.


The objective of the game is to clear a path for a truck carrying a nuke. Players control vehicles to destroy various buildings and obstacles to clear the way for the nuclear carrier. Players must switch between different vehicles to clear certain terrain.


Martin Wakeley

Lead designer Martin Wakeley.

The game's development started in 1996, with an initial team of four graduates before expanding overtime.[1] It is one of the first games from Rare developed for the Nintendo 64. The idea was first conceived when Rare founder Chris Stampers wanted to make a game of destroying buildings. The development team wanted to use a "Constantly Moving Object" concept with time limits, leading to the creation of the nuclear missle carrier. Lead designer Martin Wakeley saw the game as a puzzle title at its core, and was influenced by Donkey Kong in which having all the tools the player needs but learning how to use them is the core mechanic for Blast Corps.[2]


Following the leaks on the nuclear warheads, the truck carrying them must transport them to a safe location. The Blast Corps were called in to clear the path of the truck by destroying buildings, to prevent a nuclear winter.


The game was first released on the Nintendo 64 system on February 28, 1997 in North America, and then March 28 in Japan, and Setpember 1 in Europe.

The game would eventually be re-released on the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack on February 21, 2024[3][4], and later in Japan on April 24.


The game received critical acclaim from critics, with praises towards the variety and originality, while criticized for its controls and being repetitive. On Metacritic, the game has a score of "90" based on 12 reviews.[5]


Blast Corps has became noted as one of the first of several critically-acclaimed Rare titles for the Nintendo 64, followed by Banjo-Kazooie, Perfect Dark, and GoldenEye 007.


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