XC2 Pyra

Pyra, a Blade and her weapon.

Blades are a species in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They are lifeforms that are linked to a Driver who creates and summons them by touching a Core Crystal. Blades give powers and a weapon to their Driver. Each Blade plays a different role, different stats and an elemental type. They provide a distinct set of 4 Arts. Each driver can have 3 Blades equiped at the same time and can switch between them during battle. Artificial Blades can be created, those Blades will have the same capacities as regular Blades.

Blade Types


The attackers are focused on dealing huge damage on the enemy by unleashing their powerful arts.


The Tanks are focused on getting the aggro to protect their allies, their arts are generally arts that have huge amount of aggro or that prioritize the defense of their Driver.


The Healers are focused on making the enemy drop more HP Potions which are used to heal the party.

Blade Special

Blade Specials are devastating moves used by Blades in battle, the attack can go up to 4 levels of intensity if used well.

List of Blades

Special Blades

Special Blades are a type of Blade that are exclusive to certain Drivers.

Driver Name Type Element
Rex Pyra Attacker Fire
Mythra Attacker Light
Nia Healer Water
Tora※1 Poppi α (artificial) Tank Earth※2
Poppi QT (artificial) Tank Fire※2
Poppi QTπ (artificial) Attacker Ice※2
Nia Dromarch Healer Water
Zeke Pandoria Attacker Electric
Mòrag Brighid Tank Fire
Vandham Roc Attacker Wind
Akhos Obrona N/A Electric
Malos Sever N/A Wind
Patroka Perdido N/A Fire
Mikhail Cressidus N/A Earth
Dughall Dolmes N/A Fire

※1 Tora is technically not a Driver as he controls Poppi an artificial Blade.
※2 The elements of the Poppi blades can be changed.

Rare Blades

Name Type Element Acquisition
Finch Tank Wind Random
Perceval Tank Darkness Random
Floren Healer Earth Random
Dagas Attacker Fire Random
Azami Attacker Shadow Random
Nim Healer Earth Random
Electra Attacker Electric Random
Perun Attacker Ice Random
Adenine Healer Wind Random
Newt Attacker Water Random
Kora Healer Electric Random
Boreas Healer Wind Random
Vale Attacker Darkness Random
Agate Attacker Earth Random
Zenobia Attacker Wind Random
Godfrey Tank Ice Random
Dahlia Healer Ice Random
Ursula Healer Ice Random
KOS-MOS Attacker Light Random
Vess Healer Electric "Tranquility" side quest
Wulfric Attacker Earth Main quest
Herald Attacker Electric offering "blood" related items to the Altar of Sealing
Praxis Attacker Water "Crystal Clear" sidequest
Theory Tank Ice "Blade-Sharp Memory" side quest
Sheba Attacker Water Inherited Core Crystal
Aegaeon Tank Water Main quest
Kasandra Tank Darkness Salvaging in Mor Ardain
Poppi Buster (artificial) Tank Light Completing "Shiny New Power" (DLC)
T-elos Attacker Dark Random (DLC)
Shulk Attacker Light Challenge Battle Mode (DLC)
Fiora Healer Wind Challenge Battle Mode (DLC)
Crossette Healer Fire DLC
Elma Attacker Dark Challenge Battle Mode (DLC)
Corvin Tank Light DLC

New Game Plus

Those Blades can only be accessed during new game plus and them being part of the party is supposedly non canon to the game's story.

Name Type Element Acquisition
Akhos Healer Electric Random
Patroka Attacker Earth Random
Mikhail Tank Dark Talk at Megaflote Base

during Chapter 10

Obrona Attacker Electric Random
Sever Tank Wind Random
Perdido Attacker Fire Random
Cressidus Tank Earth Random

Common Blades


The possible appearances of a Common Blade.

The Common Blades are created from Common Core Crystals, their name, weapon, element and stats are obtained randomly. They all have a similar global appearance and a crystal on their chest with the coloration of their elements.


Hybrids are the result of a fusion between a Human and a Blade, if the Hybrid is a Blade fused with Human cells, he is called a "Flesh Eater" but if the Hybrid is a Human who fused with a Core Crystal, he is called a Blade Eater. Both types of Hybrids can gain in power through the fusion but most Flesh Eater just loose their immortality in the process.

Flesh Eaters

Blade Eaters


Aegises are a special kind of Blades that were created by The Architect to "manage" other Blades in that they hold all the information other Blades possess and update with every new bit of information the other Blades obtain. They were a measure created in order to prevent the apparition of someone like The Architect in Alrest. There are three known Aegises: Logos, Ontos and Pneuma.

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