bit Generations: Soundvoyager is a Game Boy Advance video game released in July of 2006. It was developed by skip Ltd. and published by Nintendo. The game was unfortunately never released outside of Japan. The game can be played entirely without looking at the screen, as the point is to listen to the sounds that are emitted from the Game Boy Advance's speaker. It should be noted, however, that it is quite a challenge to listen to the noises coming from the speaker, and that it's a lot easier to hook up ear phones or hook the GBA up to a stereo. It will also be very helpful to be in a quite space.


There are a variety of different modes in the game, all that has the player relying on sound instead of sight. Each mode will have the player doing something different. The game's modes include:

  • Sound Catcher: This game will start out with green pulses falling from different directions, and as the player you must catch them. As they fall, the noise they make becomes louder. After each pulse, the color of the next one will become darker. Eventually it'll become so dark that the player won't be able to differentiate it from the background, so you'll have to rely on the sounds to determine where they fall.
  • Sound Drive: You're controlling a car and must avoid the other cars and the walls. You can shut your eyes with this game if you want a challenge, though it may be easier to leave them open. When you're close to a vehicle or a wall, it'll make a noise.
  • Sound Chase: Similar to the previous game, though you must chase an object.
  • Sound Slalom: Very similar to Sound Catcher though the pulses are blue and you have to beat the clock by accelerating the lines.
  • Sound Picker: Similar to Sound Drive.
  • Sound Cock: Similar to Sound Drive.
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