Bird & Beans (Pyoro in Europe, Tori to Mame in Japan) is a DSiWare video game released in 2008 in Japan and 2009 in America and Europe. The game is a remake of the classic WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! unlockable games Pyoro and Pyoro 2. There are only a few enhancements. The game costs 200 Nintendo Points, or $2 USD. The only difference between the original and this game is that the playing field is a bit wider, allowing for a longer game.


Pyoro, the main character of Birds and Beans has two different abilities. Pyoro's first ability is to shoot his elastic tongue very far out so he can catch and eat the beans. Pyoro's second ability is to shoot seeds far out and destroy the beans. Pyoro's abilities differ by his set of colors. If Pyoro is red he has the ability to shoot his elastic tongue. If yellow he has the ability to shoot seeds.


There are three different types of beans. The first one is the standard green bean that can damage the sidewalk and Pyoro if hit. The second bean is white and if eaten will heal one damaged part of the sidewalk. It's damage is the same as the green bean. The last bean is the flashing bean. If eaten it will heal several parts of the sidewalk and will destroy all of the beans on the screen. It's damage is the same as the white and green beans.


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