The Bionis' Leg is a huge open area located on the right thigh of the Bionis in Xenoblade Chronicles. The area can be accessed via Tephra Cave and leads to Colony 6. The plains are not inhabited and those who traverse them are generally Homs who tries to go to the other colony or Nopon merchants who vow to sell their goods to the Homs. After the Mechon attack on Colony 6, the survivors created a Camp hidden in the area to escape the machines.


Before the events of the game

The survivors of the Mechon attack on Colony 6 created the Refugee Camp to hide, Sharla is tasked with the leadership of the camp by Colonel Otharon who stays in the Colony to defend it against the Mechons.

Meeting Juju and Sharla

Shulk and Reyn stumble across Juju who is being attacked by two Berserk Ardun. They save him and the boy invite them to the Refugee Camp where the party meet Sharla, a medic who reveal that the refugee are from Colony 6, Which is currently under Mechon control. Juju want to prove his courage and run to Colony 6 while Shulk is trying to explain that he had a vision showing Juju and Sharla's death.

Saving Juju for the first time

Sharla join the party and the three of them head to the Spiral Valley which is the place seen in Shulk's vision. Here they found Juju ensnared by a Mechon M71, after destroying it Xord arrive and take Juju back forcing the party to go to Colony 6 to save him.


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Name Requirement
Geography Lesson Shulk and Dunban - Cloudy Affinity
What Visions May Bring Shulk and Sharla - Green Affinity
Heir to the Monado Reyn and Dunban - Green Affinity
What's On Reyn's Mind Reyn and Sharla - Green affinity
Revisiting the Past Dunban and Melia - Heart Affinity
A Mysterious Sanctuary Riki and Melia - Green Affinity
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