The Bionis' Interior is an area located inside the Bionis' body, as the Bionis is an organic being, the interior contain organs like lungs or a heart. It is visited a first time to access Makna Forest from the Satorl Marsh and a second time to reach Prison Island around the end of the game.


First Visit

After defeating the Satorl Guardian, the party enter the Bionis' Interior for the first time. While here, Shulk mentions that Bionis itself still feels alive somehow. This area is originally incredibly small and has no enemy and a single Nopon NPC.

Second Visit

After the Mechonis Core events, the hand of the Mechonis opened a hole in the Bionis' body, which allow the party to access another part of the Bionis' Interior.

The party meets Lorithia who taunt the party before inviting them inside the Bionis' Heart. When the group reaches the heart, Lorithia brings Kallian in his Telethia form and says that he is under her command before fusing with him and facing the party. After Lorithia is defeated and Kallian gives his parting words, Dickson appears from a dark teleporter and invite the party to fight him at the top of Prison Island.

Landmarks and Locations


Lower Level Landmarks

  • Terminal Trachea
  • Interior Landing Site
  • Spinal Nerve Tower
  • Pars Sympathica Tower
  • Terminal Nerve Tower

Upper Level Landmarks

  • Upper Trachea
  • Heart Entrance


Lower Level Locations

  • Third Lung
  • Third Lung Bronchus
  • Second Lung
  • Aortic Pathway
  • Venous Plexus
  • First Lung
  • Vein Crossroad
  • Terminal Vein


Normal Enemies

Story Exclusive Enemies

Unique Monsters



Name Requirement
Fiora's Body Fiora and Sharla - Heart Affinity
Kind Words Riki and Melia - Heart Affinity