Bionic Commando is an NES video game created by Capcom and released in 1988. A Game Boy version was released in 1992. In the game the protagonist wields a bionic arm that allows him to swing on virtually anything in a similar fashion to comic book superhero Spider-Man. The game was an entirely innovative platformer, unique in a sea of Mario clones.


In the game, the protagonist has a bionic gun that allows him to access previously inaccessible areas. He cannot jump, and thus to reach higher grounds he'll have to grasp onto to something and then pull himself up.

Before you enter a level, you'll have to select one from a map. While not all of the levels are accessible in the beginning, you won't be limited to just picking one. As you progress through the game and conquer more levels, more stages will be given to you via a special key. You navigate the map via a helicopter, and sometimes enemy trucks will halt your progress, forcing you to land and battle the enemies. These segments differ depending on which version of the game (NES or Game Boy) you're playing. Once you chose a level, you'll be allowed to also chose the weapon of your choice (note, however, that the bionic arm will always be in your possession).

While traversing on the main stages, the player will have to make use of the bionic arm in multiple ways. While the player can not latch onto enemies (you can dispatch them by using your trusty gun), you can grab onto almost everything else, whether it be ceilings or walls. After this, you can either move yourself towards that object or swing and get a long jump to the other side.


The grapple technique featured in this game has been implemented in a multitude of other titles, and basically has been improved upon as well. Similar games include, but are not limited to, Super Metroid (and other Metroid video games), Super Castlevania IV, Mega Man 4 and Mega Man 8, two Turrican video games, The Magical Quest: Starring Mickey Mouse, Earthworm Jim, and a host of other titles.


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