Bingo Colony is the second Captain Event of Bowser Station in Mario Party 9. Once this is passed, the player will go to an area with a 3 x 3 grid containing numbers 1-9. The captain will decide the order of which the players roll. The players will roll a 1-10 dice block. Anytime a number is rolled, the square with that respective number will light up and three Mini-Stars will appear over it (unless the player rolls a 10 or the square with the number rolled has already been lighted up). If one of the players makes three in a row (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally), they win the all the Mini-Stars. Then the players will go back to the main route.

Sometimes Bowser will show up and mess up the game, and turn it into "Dark Bingo Colony". He will turn all the Mini-Stars into Mini-Ztars, meaning that the player who gets three in a row loses the game and gets all the Mini-Ztars on the board.


  • The Prima Official Game Guide mistakenly says that Bowser Jr. will sometimes show up to Bingo Colony when it is really Bowser.
  • When you get to Bingo Colony, you can hear Bowser laughing, even when he doesn't mess up the event.
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