Big Lantern Ghost is a giant Lantern Ghost who appears Paper Mario on the Shy Guy's Toy Box stage. He is the mid-boss of the stage, and appears to love the darkness (while hating the light).


Battling the Big Lantern Ghost is pretty tough, for the player first has to focus on the lantern. They player MUST hit the lantern first, otherwise neither Mario nor his partners can attack the Big Lantern Ghost. (Tip: Use a multiple-strike attack such as Power Bounce or Bow's Slap attack.) The Big Lantern Ghost will usually dim the lantern, otherwise he will use a blinding lights attack that will attack both Mario and whichever partner he has out. He will also jump on Mario at times. Once he is defeated, the lantern will ask you to free it. Once Mario do, he finds Watt, who joins his party.

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